How to download tones onto your mobile phone?

  1. First, get it onto your computer. Simply press the button next to the tone you like. After downloading, the tone should appear on your desktop.

  2. Connect your mobile phone to your computer. You can do this either through a cable provided by phone manufacturer, or by bluetooth or infrared connections.

  3. Place the downloaded tone to the "tones folder" on your mobile phone.

  4. Select it as a ringing tone.

Keep in mind that all tones available on are mp3 files and should be read by all phones made after June 2005. If your phone is older or doesn't read mp3 files you can convert it using "sound converter" software available on the Internet for free, for the specific system you are using.

The reason we are not making the tones available just yet via a mobile phone network, is because then it would cost you money. And the philosophy behind is to create a library of high quality and unique tones that are all completely free.

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